Burst Monsoon Myths with Skippi Ice-Pops

Burst Monsoon Myths with Skippi Ice-Pops

Monsoons have always been the most cherished times for children and grown-ups alike. The soulful rain showers of the season excite your vigorous energies and bring out the child in you. It is a time filled with utmost fun, along with the rejuvenating breeze soothing your mood. Reviving your childhood nostalgia and providing you with an exciting experience— Skippi Icepops is here with its mouth-watering Ice-Pops to make your monsoons bliss. 

Made up of all-natural ingredients, Skippi Ice Pops is a perfect amalgamation of taste and safety. The eye-grabbing flavors offered by the brand are a complete delight to your taste buds and serve you an exciting experience. These bright and peppy colors are sure to bring back your old school days while forming your perfect dessert!

Your Safety, Our Priority

“Having Ice Pops during rain might catch you cold!”

“You can fall sick if you have ice in monsoons!”

You might have often come across various misconceptions like these, which have been associated with the monsoon season. Myths like these have been a part of our lives, making us fall for the not-so-good path. Skippi Ice-Pops are here to bust these monsoon myths and provide you with a safe experience. 

These Ice-Pops are manufactured with pure RO Water to mitigate your chances of falling sick. With their 100% natural ingredients, these yummy Ice-Pops present no health concerns and are entirely safe to try. With no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners and artificial preservatives— Skippi Ice-Pops are super delicious to have at any time of the year.

These refreshing Ice-Pops are great for your tummies while providing you a fantastic taste with its offered flavors!

Fun Freezed in Packets

Skippi Ice-Pops has been instrumental in bringing back the good old days and reviving our childhood fun. We have also overcome the shortcomings of the frozen pops of old times, that posed health concerns due to poor hygiene quality. Skippi has made these Ice-Pops no longer confined to the outside loose outlets, but to relish it in every season, and on all kinds of occasions— birthdays, anniversaries, or your promotions!

These eye-grabbing Ice-Pops, offered in 6 different flavors, can be your go-to dessert throughout the seasons. Unlike the old pops, these revamped Skippi Ice-Pops are safe to have all through the year without having to worry about your health. Amazing, isn’t it?

If you are a cola snob or love the mango twist, our ice-pop flavors are sure to leave you drooling. Treating each batch running out of their production plant to testify to their high-quality standards, Skippi ensures safety and quality for all their products. These new-age pops carrying exotic tastes revolutionize the iced dessert domain manufactured by their state-of-the-art technology.

With Skippi Ice-Pops, you get to immerse yourself into the reminiscence of your childhood days and relive your exciting, fun-filled moments. So it’s time for you to beat the myths around the monsoon season and grab your favorite Skippi Ice-Pops flavor.

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