Skippi Freezer Bikes Franchise

Skippi Freezer Bikes Franchise

Be a Proud Franchisee of India’s First & Only Popsicle Brand

Presenting India’s First-ever Ice Pops Freezer Bikes to Boost Your Franchisee Business

Skippi Ice Pops unveils its unique solo & master franchisee programs for Skippi Freezer Bikes in India as a part of its new franchisee vertical. Skippi Freezer Bike is a revolutionary take on selling ice pops through dedicated freezer bikes installed across different parts of the city. Whether you are a franchisee enthusiast or a budding entrepreneur, get insight into our groundbreaking franchise opportunity through Skippi Freezer Bikes. Get access to Skippi franchise - the best franchise India for ice pops.

Distributing Popsicles All Around Through Skippi Freezer Bikes

Our solo and master franchise programs for freezer popsicle bikes in India come with a detailed plan to distribute popsicles across different parts of the city under favorable and profitable conditions.

  •       Mornings: Public parks, Bus stops, Metro Stations, Schools, Colleges
  •       Afternoons: School and college breaks, Marriage Halls, Corporate and public parks
  •       Evenings: After school and college, Metro stations and bus stops, Cinema halls
  •       Nights: Cinemas, Pubs, Clubs, Public and Family gatherings, Marriage Halls

Delivering the Goodness of All-natural Ice Pops Across India

Through our solo and master franchisee plans, you do not require access to a separate freezer. Our cutting-edge Skipp Freezer Bikes are well-equipped to keep the popsicles intact and consumable state.

Our solo franchisee model has the following inclusions:

  •       Investment of INR 2.5 Lakhs -including free stock and brand fees of INR 50k.
  •       High gross margins of around 52 percent
  •       Ownership of exclusive areas to sell directly to customers
  •       Public gathering offering excellent selling and franchise business opportunity
  •       People are fond of ice pops that are 100% natural and safe

Our master franchisee model has the following inclusions:

  •       Provision of a minimum of 10 bikes for every city
  •       Investment of INR 25 Lakhs -along with a free stock worth INR 1 Lakh and brand fees of INR 5 Lakhs
  •       High gross margins of around 62 percent
  •       Selection of your own team of solo franchisee -both commission-based and full-time employees
  •       Ownership of exclusive areas for selling directly to consumers
  •       Popular public gatherings offering excellent selling opportunities

Whether you choose solo or master product franchise models with Skippi, we offer the following inclusions:

  •       Skippi t-shirt
  •       Skippi EV bike for freeze bikes
  •       Skippin helmet
  •       Skippi shoes
  •       Skippi branding
  •       80lts deep freezer
  •       Free stock worth INR 10k
  •       Event and gathering information
  •       Training and support

An Insight into Our Achievements

Skippi is renowned for having bagged the first-ever funding from the famous Shark Tank India. It became one of the first-ever brands to get access to the all-shark deal. As a result, the brand ended up receiving funding of INR 10 million.

The future goal of the brand is towards making Skippi Ice Pops available for every household in India. There are also goals of setting up a dedicated, large-scale production facility for the company. The company continues receiving massive demands from markets across Africa and the Middle East.

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