Journey of Skippi: before and after Shark Tank

Journey of Skippi: before and after Shark Tank

Skippi Ice-Pops, the leading ice pop brand in India, has acquired high recognition, within a few months of appearing on Shark Tank India. Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabra, co-founders of Skippi Pops, were the first to receive an All Shark Deal on the show. In short, they received Rs 10 million from each of the show's six investors. The Skippi Shark Tank event was unquestionably a turning point for the company.

Skippi Ice Pops – The First Indian Ice Pop Brand

Indians are known to like ice popsicles in addition to ice cream. According to the founders, there were only a few brands selling this widely consumed product in India. Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabra saw the gap and sought to revive the love for golas and chuskis in a more flavorful and juicier way.

Skippi, India's first ice pop brand, launched in April 2021 and quickly gained traction. Ravi and Anuja wanted the popsicles to be not only tasty but also manufactured with high-quality ingredients and conform to strict quality standards.

The goal from the very beginning was to prepare refreshing, teeth-friendly icy pops that they can serve to both their own children and customers. 

100% natural flavours, RO water, and artificial preservative-free – are just a few of the reasons why people trust & love Skippi Ice Pops. 

Skippi's Journey Before The 6 Shark Deal

Skippi began their journey with a 75-lakh investment in 2021. Without even realising it, India's first premium ice pop brand delivered exactly what we'd all been waiting for: it reintroduced our favourite frozen snack from our childhood days in a better and tastier way.

The company used to have monthly sales of Rs 7-8 lakhs and only had regional distribution before receiving the Shark Tank 6 shark deal.

Skippi in Shark Tank – The Turning Point

After losing lakhs in production, rentals, and distribution, Skippi ice pop production was shut for one year. It was the time when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. However, the co-founders, Ravi and Anuja, were not ready to give up. They were looking for market opportunities to start the production.

With Skippi in Shark Tank, the company’s fortune changed. They went through five crucial rounds and competed with 66,000 applicants. After receiving the All Shark deal and 1 crore funding, there was no looking back. 

Skippi Received an Overwhelming Response

As mentioned above, before Ravi and Anuja appeared on Shark Tank India, they had average monthly sales of approximately ₹7-8 lakhs. After receiving the 6 Shark deal, the revenue went up 40X times and sales increased to approximately ₹2-2.8 cr monthly. They were requested to process more than 20,000 orders only for the online platforms after Shark Tank. The company has now become an international exporter from a regional manufacturer and distributor.

So that concludes the Skippi Shark Tank saga. Despite the challenges, Ravi and Anuja are committed to providing the highest quality ice pops to their children and customers alike.

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