Know the most popular popsicle flavours of Skippi Ice Pops - Top popsicle flavours in 2022

Know the most popular popsicle flavours of Skippi Ice Pops - Top popsicle flavours in 2022

Mickey on a railway, picking up stones

Down came the engine and broke Mickey’s bones…

If Mickey had Skippi Ice Pops at home, he’d never be picking up stones and all his bones would have been intact! Why? Because Skippi Ice Pops are way too indulgent for kids (and adults) for them to think of anything else!

Ice pops are not just sweet treats - they are childhood memories. In summer, they were a refreshing little snack in the crazy heat, and in winter, they had a kick of their own thanks to those lovely flavours! Ah, to go back and relive those precious moments, what wouldn’t we give away?

Well, you don’t have to give anything away because Skippi Ice Pops has brought back our childhood delights in a better, more refreshing, and fun packaging. What’s more, they are available in 6 lip-smacking flavours that you absolutely cannot resist!

Why are Skippi Ice Pops the most popular popsicles?

Well, to start with they are made with 100% RO water! This means that they are 100% safe and yummy at the same time. Here are a few more reasons why you should try India’s first ice pop brand, which even the Sharks from Shark Tank couldn’t resist!

  1. 100% natural ingredients
  2. Gluten-free and preservative-free
  3. Teeth-friendly
  4. Do not stain the tongue or lips
  5. No artificial colours or flavours

Must-try top popsicle flavours from Skippi this summer

There’s nothing more invigorating than Skippi Ice Pops in this cruel heat! Here are some of the most popular popsicle flavours for you to try:

Mango Twist

There are never - we repeat - there are never enough ways to eat mangoes in summer and cool our tummies with this delicious God’s blessing. Enjoy it in yet another icy, spectacular form - Skippi Mango Twist!

The mango flavour ice popsicle is made from real mangoes and mango juice with 0 preservatives and artificial flavours!

It is juicy, it is cold, and it is everything you dream of in summer!


Indulge in the sweet juiciness of orange Skippi Ice Pops and fall in love with summer all over again! How come, you ask? These ice pops are sooooo delicious and rejuvenating that the heat won’t feel all that bad!

The ice pops are made of sweet juices & purees and are perfect for all age groups.


What happens when a tangy fruit and ice pop come together? They bring happiness in a berry, berry appetizing manner! Raspberry Skippi Ice Pops are among our most popular popsicles this summer because of their sweetness and a slight touch of tangy!


So, life gave us summer and lemon together…

… and we decided to make lemon ice pops to beat the heat!

Filled with zest and zing, these are, without a doubt, the best popsicles to bring mercury down. No wonder why kids and adults love them just the same!

Our other flavours

If you are craving more flavours, here are 2 more that we are extremely proud of:

Bubble gum

Ice pops and bubble gum - that’s it. That’s our entire childhood right there! That’s why we decided to mix them up and create bubble gum flavoured ice pops!

Made from natural ingredients, they are bubbly, sweet, and safe!


Bachpan ka ice gola ab hai Skippi Cola!

Relive those afterschool memories with Cola Ice Pops from Skippi. It’s the same taste but even better because it is loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients with no artificial flavours.


Ice pops are so delicious that no one can stop at 1. That’s why we made 6! Buy ‘em all from Skippi Ice Pops and tell us which ones you like best (fingers crossed for “all 6!”).

Lick, slurp, bite - it’s your ice pop. Enjoy it any which way you like!

Meta description: India’s first ice pop brand made with 100% RO water and natural colours, Skippi Ice Pops, has 6 exciting flavours. Click here to find out which the most popular ones are.

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