Skippi Ice Pops: A Vegan & Dairy-Free Frozen Snack to Treat Yourself With

Skippi Ice Pops: A Vegan & Dairy-Free Frozen Snack to Treat Yourself With

Frozen desserts have a charm of their own. Whether it is sweltering heat or sweater weather, a chilly and cool snack can uplift anyone’s mood. Although we currently have many options in the market, nothing beats the ice pops of bygone days that came in quirky, Indianized flavours, such as orange, cola, mango, etc. However, do you know that you can continue to have a bite of the nostalgic iced candies that every 90s kid adored? Well, Skippi ice pops are here to take all Millenials on a trip down memory lane and further ensure that Gen Zs can also carry the legacy of ice pops.

What are Skippi Ice Pops?

Skippi ice pops is India’s first ice popsicle brand. What makes it unique is that it does not have added colours or preservatives and it is an all-natural product made with super-fine ingredients. Moreover, these delicious frozen lollies adhere to the highest quality manufacturing standards to ensure no compromise on the consumer’s health. In a nutshell, Skippi ice pops are the best dairy-free ice cream alternatives that you can find anywhere in India right now!

What Makes Skippi Ice Pops Unique?

The unique aspect of Skippi is that it is a revamped version of the age-old icy delights of the bygone era, but only tastier, healthier, and safer. It is the ideal reminiscent of simpler, happier, and more carefree times. Skippi stands out as one of the best dairy-free treats currently because –

  • Skippi ice pops do not contain artificial colours
  • They do not have added flavours
  • Skippi only uses natural flavours
  • There are no added preservatives
  • Skippi does not have any artificial sweeteners

So, bask in the flavours of this tasty yet super healthy, guilt-free, and non-dairy snack and share the 90s nostalgia with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Flavors of Skippi Ice Pops

With Skippi ice pops, one is not going to be enough. Thus, you have multiple flavours to choose from. For all the fickle-minded dessert-eaters who are never content with one or two options, Skippi is the go-to solution, as it comes in seven scrumptious flavours.

  • Raspberry – Get ready to indulge in a tinge of sweetness coupled with tart undertones and rose notes with Skippi’s dairy-free Raspberry ice-lolly. It is a flavour that will surely sedate everyone with nostalgia.
  • Cola – Like Coca-Cola that is a drink that goes with every snack, Skippi’s Cola flavoured iced candy is an evergreen frozen treat for all seasons and reasons.
  • Orange – With a zesty scent and a refreshing appeal, Skippi’s orange-flavoured iced candies are sure to tickle your tangy taste buds. No more ‘summertime sadness’ and only summertime glee with this delicious frozen treat!
  • Lemon – When life gives us lemons, we made Skippi’s lemon-flavoured iced candies that you can also relish. Brimming with bursts of natural lemon extracts, the dairy-free treat will surely quench your thirst and leave you wanting more.
  • Mango Twist – Indians and their love affair with mangoes is no secret from anyone. Well, Skippi’s Mango Twist frozen iced candy is an ode to all the mango-lovers. It is a sweet-and-sour staple for the upcoming summers.
  • Bubblegum – This whimsical ice pop is perfect for anyone who is always on the lookout for something new. If you want to taste the soft, sweet, and juicy flavours of your favourite bubblegum but in a ‘cooler’ version, the Skippi ice pop Bubblegum is the real deal.

Taste and health combine to form Skippi Ice Pops, a frozen dessert that you should not ‘skip.’

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