Umang Fest at NMIMS and Navratri celebrations with Skippi delights

Umang Fest at NMIMS and Navratri celebrations with Skippi delights

The festival season is in full swing. From Navratri to Chhatt Puja and Diwali, we have a line-up of celebrations. And, what better way to bask in the holiday madness than to slurp onto Skippi ice popsicles for a power punch of refreshment! Besides the traditional yearly festivities, we also have college ‘fests’ organized throughout the country. Well, one such fest where Skippi could make an enthralling presence and rejuvenate everyone after a chaotic day was NMIMS’ ‘Umang.’

Skippi at Umang – The Annual Fest of NMIMS 

The Annual inter-collegiate festival of NMIMS – Umang – looked even more azure and invigorated with throngs of students indulging in Skippi ice pops after a long and tiring day. It was an absolute delight to witness hundreds of young people enjoying the colorful ice candies and showering love on this thoughtfully repackaged version of the wildly popular and highly admired 90s snack.

The students devoured almost every flavor, from Cola to the quintessential Mango and Bubble Gum. Of course, Lemon, Orange, and Raspberry flavors also had their fair share of admirers.

The overarching opinion among the NMIMS students who tried Skippi was that it is an ice candy deserving of all the hype.

The fact that Skippi does not contain artificial flavors and colorants, and there are no artificial flavors, enticed both students and professors. Simply put, the pomp and show of Umang skyrocketed with the delicious ice candies of Skippi.

Navratri Celebrations with Skippi at Shamshabad and Imperial Gardens 

The Navratri celebrations at two of the most bustling spots of Secunderabad – Shamshabad and Imperial Gardens were further illuminated with Skippi Ice Pop’s Savory presence. The two venues, huddled with happy groups of people, looked all the more colorful with Skippi popsicles in everyone’s hands.

From the elderly to the very young, everyone enjoyed a bite of Skippi. However, what the crowds admired the most was the nostalgia factor associated with Skippi.


It was quite a site to witness, as many Millenials indulged in an icy treat, reminding them of the good old days of the bygone 90s. Needless to say, nostalgia was peaking through the roof, and combined with the alacrity of Navratri celebrations, times became all the more joyous.

After the fun time at the rides, it was common to see young kids and teenagers rushing to get their share of Skippi Delights. Indeed, ice candy is an essential post-adrenaline rush requirement. Likewise, after the Garba dance, and other customs, adults were eager to munch on Skippi Ice Pops and be refreshed.

Lastly, the elderly were happy because of Skippi’s no artificial flavors and colorants policy.

Thus, Skippi Ice Pops was the perfect cherry on the cake at both ‘Umang’ at NMIMS and the Navratri celebrations at Secunderabad. Well, the charm of Skippi is such that no one can have just one!

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