As cool as ice - the Sweet Success Story of Skippi Ice Pop - Bachpan wali Chuski

As cool as ice - the Sweet Success Story of Skippi Ice Pop - Bachpan wali Chuski

Chuskis are a favourite summertime treat for many, and a treasured childhood memory for most Indians born in the 80’s and 90’s . Tugging on your mother’s saree at a local carnival to get you an Ice Chuski Pop to save up all those paisas coins so that you and your cousins could sneak out of the house to get an ice pop from the Chuski Wala are all sweet memories to reminisce. And there is something about slurping off a chuski with those sweet, tangy and cool syrupy juice - ah, a feeling of satisfaction! Chuskis go by different names across the country including Gola, sip-up, ice lollies, pepsi, pepsi-cola, icy sippy and sip-up to name a few.

With the desire to reinvigorate those cherished childhood memories but in a more hygienic way, Ravi and Anuja Kabra - food & beverage industry professionals introduced India’s very first Ice Chuski Pop brand - Skippi Ice Pops. What’s different about them? These Ice Pops are made using 100% NATURAL - Color, Flavor, & Preservatives.

Keeping in mind that one solid goal - to serve everyone with a taste of nostalgia that is hygienic  and teeth-friendly! Skippi Ice Pops recognized a gap in the market as very few brands sold this favourite Indian frozen snack hence marking this as the inception of the brand and its journey. By 2021, the brand took a turn that changed the fortune for Skippi - they pitched their idea at Shark Tank India where the brand had a successful run as they locked an ‘All Shark Deal’ with a funding of 1 Crore!

By May 2022, the brand witnessed exponential growth where their revenue increased by 40X, and the sales increased to approximately 2-2.8 crore in May 2022, the brand witnessed exponential growth. This Ice Chuski Pop brand soon processed over 20,000 orders for the online platforms making them evolve from a regional manufacturer and distributor to an international exporter so that people across the globe get to slurp on this yummy healthy frozen goodness. By June 2022, Skippi Ice Pops bagged the Economic Times Award for Corporate Excellence and was recognized as the best and brightest entrepreneurial and business success! Fast forward to August 2022 - Skippi saw a new addition to the family - a Skippi freezer bike - a contemporary twist to the age-old Chuskiwala! The concept was simple - Selling slurpa-licious and hygienic ice Popsicle Candy on an electric bike equipped with a freezer. 

Today, Skippi has grown rapidly across 25+ states where the products are sold in over 400-500 outlets in Hyderabad alone and over 10,000+ outlets across India.

Sweeeeet, indeed! These Ice Pops come in a myriad of flavors including lemon, cola, bubblegum, mango twist, raspberry, and orange. The product comes in liquid form which is neatly packaged.This instant dessert has gained wide popularity across the country over time, evoking a stroll down memory lane. So, next time you think of reliving one of those childhood moments or want your children to have those unforgettable childhood memories, you should definitely get a pack of Skippi Ice pops so that you can slurp away into these lip-smacking, healthy & hygienic summer treats. We are certain that once you try our tasty and Popsicle Candy, it will keep you coming back for more!
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