Our Sweet Journey

Skippi In a nutshell

A desire to revive the love for chuskis in a more natural way sparked the creation of India's first ice pop brand. It all began when a family member packed ice pops for her trip to India, realizing how difficult it would be to find hygienic and trusted brands of ice pops there. Ravi and Anuja Kabra quickly recognized the product's potential in the Indian market. With over 17 years of experience in the food and beverage industry and working with multinational corporations, the couple conducted primary and secondary research to gain a better understanding of the untapped market. The goal from the beginning was to create refreshing, teeth-friendly icy treats for their own children and customers.

Our growth over time



Skippi ice pop production was halted for a year after incurring losses in production, rentals, and distribution. It was around this time that the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world. The co-founders, Ravi and Anuja, were not about to give up. They were searching for market opportunities in order to begin production.

April 2021

Birth Of India’s First Ice Pop Brand

According to the founders, only a few brands in India sold this widely consumed product. Ravi and Anuja Kabra recognized a gap in the market and set out to revitalize the love for chuskis in a more flavorful and juicier form. That marked the beginning of Skippi in 2021. Soon, It reintroduced our favorite frozen snack from our childhood days in a better and tastier form.


The Turning point

A successful run at Shark Tank India changed the fortune of skippi. With the All Shark deal and 1 crore funding, there was no turning back. As a result, we have gained attention and captivated the hearts of Indians across the country.

April 2022

Franchise India,
small business award

Skippi Ice Pops has been honored with India's most prestigious award, which recognizes and celebrates the best Small to Mid-Sized Business Brands and Visionaries. The show is known as the nation's most successful Small Business Recognition Program, honoring the economy's unsung heroes.

May 2022

40 X growth

Following the 6 Shark deal, our revenue increased 40X and our sales increased to approximately 2-2.8 cr monthly. After Shark Tank, we were asked to process over 20,000 orders for online platforms. From a regional manufacturer and distributor, we have evolved into an international exporter.

June 2022

Economic Times Award
Benchmark Of Excellence

Skippi Ice Pops bags the Economic Times Award for Corporate Excellence and it is recognized as the best and brightest entrepreneurial and business success

August 2022

Launch of Skippi Freezer Bikes

The addition of skippi freezer bikes to our new franchisee vertical opened the doors to budding entrepreneurs and franchisee enthusiasts. Skippi Freezer bike is a modern twist to the old concept of selling ice pops where delicious and hygienic ice pops are sold on an electric bike equipped with a freezer.

Going beyond our home turf
to create a pan-India presence

In addition to our Shamshabad manufacturing facility, we are set to expand throughout India through our popsicle distribution network. Skippi is growing rapidly in 25+ states and is steadily establishing itself as a brand that gives us the taste of nostalgia. Skippi's products are sold in approximately 400-500 outlets in Hyderabad alone, and 10,000+ outlets throughout India with over 200+ Super Stockists and distributors.

We strive to make high-quality items that are clean, environmentally friendly, and sanitary. To ensure that each batch of products reflects our quality commitments and ideals, our cutting-edge manufacturing facility adheres to stringent quality and safety requirements.

“We take pride in being a one-of-it’s- kind ice popsicle brand. Our products are 100% natural. There are no artificial colors and flavors and are made only with RO water using a patented technology.

Anuja Kabra - Co-Founder - Skippi Ice Pops