Be a proud distributor of India’s first and only Icepops brand
Attention Distributors: You DON’T need a freezer to store, distribute and sell Skippi Icepops. Read on to know more.
If you are equally excited to be a part of our brand, Skippi Icepops, as much as we are, then you are on the right page!
We are always on the hunt for suitable Partners, Distributors and Super Stockists across India and internationally to spread the fun of Skippi Icepops!
6 flavours (and more to come) will give your customers the excitement to ask for more and more.
Interested in becoming a Distributor or Super Stockist?!
Available in 600+ outlets across hyderabad & more than 2200 outlets across India
NO FREEZER REQUIRED: Skippi Icepops are manufactured, packed, shipped, distributed, and retailed in liquid form at room temperature! Distributors, Super Stockist and Retailers do not require a freezer or a cold room to store or sell Skippi Icepops

Consumers, when they buy Skippi Icepops from the stores or retailers, will need to freeze them at home for 6- 8 hours before enjoying them! Recommended temperatures of fast freezing is below -10° C.

Box of 12 pops

10 Boxes per Carton (6 flavours X 2 pops)

Bag of 36 pops

5 Bags per Carton (6 flavours X 6 pops)