Ice Chuskis from Skippi Ice Pops

Chill out with these Ice Chuskis from Skippi Ice Pops

It is summertime. Well, almost! And you know what that means! It is time to stuff in all those winter clothes into the wardrobe and start pulling out those soft cotton clothes because it sure is going to get hot and you want to feel all cool and comfortable. Let us all agree that summertime is one of the most awaited seasons, where you get to visit the beaches, play around with sand, or even have sleepovers at your friend’s place at night because it is summer and that means ultimate vacation! But you know what could make the summertime even cooler? Well, in fact, chillier? Yummy and tasty Ice Chuski Pops! Yeah, you heard that right! 

Ice juice bars are popular summer treats that are enjoyed across all stages of life. It often is made using a few simple ingredients such as using frozen fruit juices, purees, or other flavored liquids into a mold, creating a refreshing and cooling snack on a hot summer day. For many, ice pops are a treat that brings back memories of summer vacations, family picnics, or after-school snacks. The simple, classic flavors of these Desi pops come in numerous flavors including mango, cola, etc and are always integrated with a fun packaging design, making people transport back to a time when life was a little more carefree. 

The joy of biting into a cold, sweet treat on a hot day is a memory that stays with many people, and Ice Chuski Pops continues to be a beloved treat that generates a sense of comfort and nostalgia. But why limit it to only summer? Whether you are a child or an adult, Ice Chuski Pops are a fun and nostalgic treat that can bring a smile to your face and transport you back to the summer days of the past. And that’s the thing about nostalgia. It evokes sweet memories that walk you to your happier & merrier times. This emotional connection to ice juice Bars is one of the reasons why they remain a popular treat.

Keeping this very thought in mind, an Indian brand, Skippi Ice Pops came out with Ice juice bars that were to be a hit among children as well as adults. What’s so special about this brand? Apart from the fact that they closed an ‘All Shark Deal’ at Shark Tank, India, they also provide you with a number of desi pop flavors including tangy orange, juicy mango, refreshing cola, bubblegum, raspberry, and lemon. Skippi ice pops is a one-of-its-kind ice popsicle brand and also has some highlights unlike your traditional Chuski pops - These ice pops are not only made with natural ingredients but are also made with no artificial colours, no artificial preservatives, and are committed to delivering high-quality standard products. Not just that, Skippi ice pops are carefully designed in a manner that it comes in liquid form within the flavour of your choice which is neatly sealed and packed. This pack can then be frozen at your home, slurped, and enjoyed.

So, if you are waiting to get your hands on them so that you can experience, what we call, a perfect summer and nostalgia - all rolled into one, then wait no more. Because you can now explore our webpage and place your orders directly!

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