Surprising facts about Skippi frozen ice pops

Frozen Pops: 10 Surprising Facts You Need to Know


Frozen pops, also known as popsicles or ice pops, are a classic summertime treat enjoyed by people of all ages. But did you know that there is more to these icy treats than meets the eye? Here are 10 interesting facts about frozen pops that you might not have known.

1.The popsicle was invented by accident. In 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson left a mixture of powdered soda, water, and a stick in a cup outside overnight. When he woke up the next morning, he found that the mixture had frozen and that he could remove it from the cup by sucking on the stick. Epperson called his invention the "Epsicle," and it eventually became known as the popsicle.

2.The world's largest popsicle was created in 2015. To celebrate National Ice Cream Day, The Nékter Juice Bar chain in California created a giant popsicle that measured over 18 feet long and weighed over a ton.

3.Popsicles were originally marketed as a health food. In the 1920s, the Popsicle Company began promoting its products as a healthier alternative to ice cream. They were even advertised as a way to soothe sore throats!

4.Popsicles come in a wide variety of flavors. In addition to classic flavors like cherry and grape, there are also popsicles available in more unusual flavors such as avocado, pickle, and bacon.

5.Frozen pops have been the subject of art and pop culture. The artist and designer Yves Behar created a series of popsicle-shaped lights for a design exhibition, and the popular TV show "Arrested Development" featured a running joke about a character's obsession with frozen pops.

6.Frozen pops can be used for more than just eating. In 2007, a team of scientists used popsicles to create a temporary and low-cost dam in Peru. And in 2016, a group of artists in Los Angeles used popsicles to create a mural that melted in the sun.

7.There is a museum dedicated to frozen pops. The Museum of Popsicle Art in New York City features a collection of popsicle-themed art, as well as a popsicle-making workshop.

8.Popsicles were once banned in some cities. In the 1930s, a number of cities in the United States banned the sale of popsicles, citing concerns about litter and public health.

9.Frozen pops have been used in scientific experiments. Scientists have used frozen pops to study the effects of global warming, as the melting of popsicles can provide a visual representation of how quickly ice is melting in the Arctic.

10.There is a National Ice Pop Day. National Ice Pop Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in June, and is a chance to enjoy a frozen treat and celebrate the history and cultural significance of ice pops.

Fun right? Nobody could tell that frozen pops could be so fascinating. From being literally banned to being invented out of an accident, the history of frozen pops is unbelievable. Now, we practically grow up eating frozen pops, especially right after school. Carrying this fascinating history and nostalgia of frozen pops, here are Skippi Ice pops and the some classic flavours that have continued since the beginning!


1.Orange Popsicle

Skippi’s Tangy Orange is an absolutely beautiful orange popsicle. The true flavor of frozen pops can be felt as one tastes the tanginess of the orange popsicle and savour it in heat.

2.Mango Popsicle

The Juicy Mango is evergreen. A classic flavor that we have all eaten, loved and been hooked to, Mango Popsicle has never tasted better as much as it does with Skippi.

3.Bubble Gum Popsicle

Yum Yum Bubble Gum is surely from the newer generation of frozen pops, but it can truly change how one perceives an ice pop. Interesting, creative and bold flavors that remind you of making bubbles with the bubble gum.

4.Raspberry Popsicle:

The fresh sweetness of the Raspberry Freshness can be life-changing while slurping it below the hot sun. The taste of frozen sweet berries can be an attractive proposition for many.

5.Cola Popsicle

Arguably the most underrated yet tasteful popsicle, Refreshing Cola will remind you of the chuski in childhood. The amazing freshness derived from cola can quench your thirst like no other frozen pop.

6.Lemon Popsicle

Lemon-i-licious is the most tangy of them all. With strong, power packed flavors of lemon, this frozen pop is loved by people all across the world. It is said if an ice popsicle can be good, then it will only be a lemon popsicle.



Frozen pops may seem like a simple treat, but they have a rich history and cultural significance. From their accidental invention to their use in scientific experiments, there is much more to these icy treats than meets the eye. So the next time you enjoy a frozen pop, take a moment to appreciate the unique history and deliciousness of this classic summertime treat.

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