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Ice Popsicle Flavors You Need To Know

All you need to know about ice popsicle

Ice popsicles are arguably the most favorite snack of all time. It has been a very core part of our childhood. The taste of an ice popsicle when it is scorching heat is probably the most satisfying thing to exist. Frozen popsicles have remained evergreen, with people from all ages finding them to be refreshing, tasty and fit for any occasion. 

The flavors of an ice popsicle are varied, but the most popular have been Mango and Orange. In this new generation of funky flavors, different other flavors of frozen popsicles have seen growth. These include:

  1. Raspberry popsicles
  2. Bubblegum popsicles
  3. Cola popsicles
  4. Lemon popsicles
  5. Orange Popsicles
  6. Mango Popsicles.


Such new and interesting flavors have certainly made the legendary ice popsicle more relevant and zany. Frozen popsicles are now seen to be eaten everywhere; from parties to family gatherings, often as a sweet too. Here are some Ice popsicle flavors that we absolutely love:

1.Raspberry popsicles:

An ice popsicle with the sweet and juicy taste of raspberry? Yes!
Skippi’s Ice Pops have brought the fresh taste of berries in the form of Ice pops. These Ice pops have been made from real, juicy blended raspberries without adding any preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Raspberry popsicles are a new innovation that have changed the way in which we savor an ice popsicle; and to think it is fully natural, Skippi’s Raspberry Ice Popsicle is surely one of the best products out there.

2.Bubblegum popsicles:

Gone are the days when bubble gums were only chewed, now they can be savored as an Ice popsicle! By far the coolest and most intriguing flavor one has seen in an ice popsicle, bubblegum popsicles truly remind you of your childhood. This bubbly flavor will truly change how you think of an Ice popsicle. This flavor too, is made out of natural ingredients and is suitable for all age groups.

3.Cola popsicles:

The refreshing taste of cold cola is unbelievable. But have you ever wondered how it would taste in an ice popsicle? Now you can!
While we have cherished drinking cola, this ice popsicle will remind you of sweet memories that we all hold dear. A flavor that has remained evergreen and enjoyed by people of all age groups, Cola Popsicles can easily take you back in time when you savored golas in fairs and markets.

4.Lemon popsicles:

Lemon-i-licious, as people accustomed with the flavors of Skippi might recognise, is easily the most classic flavors of them all. Every child has at least once tasted a lemon-flavored ice popsicle, and loved every bit of it. Packed with the zany and delicious taste of lemon, this flavor will surely blow your mind away.

Made from natural ingredients without adding any preservatives, an ice popsicle of this quality is truly hard to find. With special focus on the smooth texture of the ice popsicle as it blends with lemon, it is delightful beyond expectations.

5.Orange popsicles:

Orange popsicles are part of those flavors which have remained classic and stood the test of time. An ice popsicle dipped in orange might not seem new to you, but with the natural ingredients and absence of artificial preservatives, this ice popsicle is a game changer. 

This tangy flavor can bring a refreshing and rejuvenating twist in your day, as it did when we were children. The sweet memories come rushing back when you savor this ice popsicle with your friends.

6.Mango popsicles:

Mango popsicles too have remained eternal and still remain the favorite flavor of many people. Made from the king of fruits, one can say this ice popsicle flavor is the king of all ice pops!
Made out of natural ingredients and no preservatives, this sweet flavour of mango popsicle can easily change the way you think of an ice pop.

What makes it the best frozen popsicles in India?

Skippi has been closely linked with Shark Tank, after their pitch upon which they received funding. But apart from that, Skippi’s Ice pops have brought about a new way of savoring ice pops, in different flavors and in any situation.

Moreover, the fact that these are made from natural ingredients without the addition of preservatives makes it one of the more healthy choices against the competitors. An ice popsicle of this standard has never been seen before in India, which is why it is not only the talk of town, but immensely popular among their customers as well.

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