Skippi Corn Sticks- Magic Masala, Tomato Corn Stick, Thai Chilli, and Sweet Corn Flavor

Skippi Corn Sticks: Your Ultimate Versatile Snack for Every Season

Introducing the latest sensation from the house of Skippi – Skippi Corn Sticks! A delightful fusion of crunch and flavour, these corn snacks are set to redefine your snacking experience. Our selection includes the mouthwatering Magic Masala, the tangy Tomato Cornstick, the zesty Thai Chilli, and the classic Sweet Corn Flavor, Skippi Corn Sticks bring you the perfect balance of taste and texture. But what makes them truly special is their versatility, making them the ultimate snack choice for every season.

Versatility Beyond Compare:

  1. Summer Delights with Sweet Corn Flavor:

As the sun warms up the days, the Sweet Corn Flavor Skippi Corn Sticks offer a burst of sweetness and crunch. Perfect for outdoor picnics, beach days, and road trips, they provide a light and satisfying snack that captures the essence of summer.

  1. Monsoon Comfort with Tomato Cornstick:

When the raindrops fall, the Tomato Corn Stick Corn Sticks come step in as ultimate comfort. The tangy kick and crispiness make them an ideal companion for cosy indoor moments. Pair them with a hot cup of tea and enjoy the bliss of the monsoon season.

  1. Spring Magic with Magic Masala:

Spring is all about warmth and comfort, and the Magic Masala Skippi Corn Sticks fit the bill perfectly. The rich blend of spices creates an explosion of flavour that complements the cosy vibes of the season. Whether it's movie nights or get-togethers with friends, these corn sticks add a touch of magic to your moments.

  1. Winter Zest with Thai Chilli:

Embrace the chill of winter with the fiery Thai Chilli Skippi Corn Sticks. The bold and zesty flavor profile adds a kick to your snacking experience, making them a perfect match for the season's hearty dishes and gatherings.


Skippi Corn Sticks are more than just a snack; they're a journey through the seasons. From the light and refreshing Sweet Corn Flavor for summer to the bold and fiery Thai Chilli for winter, each flavour captures the essence of the time of year. Whether you're craving a snack under the sun, seeking comfort indoors, savouring autumn's enchantment, or adding zest to winter days, Skippi Corn Sticks have got you covered.

Are you ready to savour the versatility of Skippi Corn Sticks? Elevate your snacking experience with the delectable range of flavours, including Magic Masala, Tomato Corn Stick, Thai Chilli, and Sweet Corn Flavor. Visit our website now to explore and enjoy the taste of every season with Skippi Corn Sticks. Order yours today and let the flavours of the year unfold in every bite! Snack smart, snack Skippi!
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