Skippi's Desi Pops and Cornsticks

The Perfect Pairing: Skippi's Desi Pops and Corn Sticks with Your Favorite Beverages

Welcome to a delightful world of flavors and textures with Skippi's Desi Pops and Cornsticks! Skippi, renowned for its mouthwatering ice pops, has now introduced an exciting range of cornsticks that promise to be the perfect accompaniment to your favorite beverages. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with tantalizing tastes, vibrant colors, and a touch of desi nostalgia. Let's explore the enticing flavors of Skippi's Desi Pops and Cornsticks, perfectly paired with beverages that will leave your taste buds craving for more!

Desi Pops:

Aam Panna: Revel in the refreshing tanginess of raw mango, perfectly blended with a hint of zesty spices for that quintessential summer cooler. Pair it with a chilled glass of mint-infused lemonade for a burst of citrusy goodness that complements the spices.

Imli: Experience the delightful sweet and tangy notes of tamarind, evoking memories of traditional street-side snacks. Sip on a glass of chilled drink to balance the flavors and enjoy a soothing, cooling effect.

Chilli Guava: Discover the harmonious fusion of tropical guava with a subtle kick of chili, offering a tantalizing twist to your taste buds. Pair it with a refreshing watermelon juice to enhance the fruity essence and tame the spiciness.

Kala Khatta: Savor the classic Indian flavor of Kala Khatta, reminiscent of those childhood gola (ice lolly) days. Pair it with a tangy and fizzy lemon soda for a nostalgic treat that takes you back in time.

Jal Jeera Rose: Indulge in the aromatic essence of rose combined with the refreshing flavors of jal jeera, taking you on a sensory journey like no other. Pair it with a traditional glass of rose milk for a delightful fusion of floral and spiced notes.


Thai Chilli: Embark on a spicy adventure with the Thai Chilli Corn Sticks, where fiery chili meets the irresistible crunch of corn. Pair it with an iced Thai tea to complement the spiciness and indulge in a unique Thai-inspired snacking experience.

Tomato: Enjoy the tangy goodness of ripe tomatoes infused into every crunchy bite, offering a burst of flavors in each nibble. Pair it with a classic tomato juice for a double dose of tomato delight and a refreshing snacking session.

Magic Masala: Elevate your snacking experience with the tantalizing blend of magic masala spices, leaving you spellbound with every munch. Pair it with a glass of spicy ginger ale to amplify the masala magic and add a fizzy kick to your snacking pleasure.

Sweet corn: The classic flavour of sweet to munch on during monsoon season which will take you back in time with the magic of nostalgic flavour of Bhutta!

Quench your thirst for a unique snacking experience with Skippi's Desi Pops and Cornsticks today! Elevate your moments of joy with the perfect pairing of these delectable treats with their respective beverages. Visit our website now to order your Skippi Pops and new Cornsticks. Don't miss out on the magic of flavors that await you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I purchase these products in bulk for events or parties? 

A: Absolutely! Skippi offers convenient bulk purchasing options for events, parties, and special occasions. Contact our customer support team for more information.

Q: Are the flavors of Skippi's Desi Pops and Cornsticks suitable for children? 

A: Yes, these flavors are crafted to delight taste buds of all ages, making them a perfect treat for both kids and adults.

Discover the perfect harmony of taste and texture with Skippi's Desi Pops and Cornsticks, paired with your favorite beverages. Order yours now and experience the magic of desi snacking!

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