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Welcome to the Skippi Summer Super Singles & Combos – your passport to a world of frozen delights and flavor extravagance! 🌞

  • 🍭 All Flavor Box (840ml):
    Indulge in the classic and quirky with Lemon, Cola, Orange, Mango Twist, Raspberry, and Bubble Gum. It's a palette of fun waiting to tickle your taste buds!
  • 🌶️ All Desi Flavor Box (840ml):
    Experience the Desi magic with Kala Khatta, Rose, Jaljeera, Imli, Chilli Guava, and Aam Panna. Let the authentic Indian flavors transport you to a world of tradition and taste.
  • 🌈 Yellow Tropical Flavor Box (384ml):
    Savor the tropical vibes with Lychee, Cola, and Raspberry. It's a sunshine-infused combo that brings the exotic to your frozen treat experience.
  • 🍍 Green Tropical Flavor Box (384ml):
    Refresh with the green goodness of Pink Guava, Pineapple, and Lemon. Each lick is a burst of tropical paradise!
  • Choose your combo, freeze the fun, and let the Skippi Summer Super Combos turn every moment into a flavor-filled celebration. Whether you're a fan of classics, tropical twists, or Desi delights, we've got a combo that suits your taste adventure. 🍦✨ Dive in and make your summer unforgettable! 🌟